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Harris Introduces Aurora™ 5800, Newest Spread Spectrum Radio

ATLANTA, Georgia, SUPERCOMM '99, June 8, 1999 - Harris Corporation, an international communications company, today announced the Aurora 5800, the newest member of Harris' growing point-to-point family of products employing spread spectrum technology, which runs in the ISM band of 5.8 GHz.

The Aurora Plus 5800 is a cost-competitive, all-inclusive radio/antenna package for plug-and-play installation and wireless operation. The system offers immediate reliable, hassle-free voice and data transmission for a variety of service providers. Customers include government, mobile and emergency services, private wireless users, cellular and PCS/PCN providers, local and wide area networks, and Internet access providers.

"The phenomenal success of our Aurora 2400 radio led Harris to add to our family of spread spectrum radios to reach an even broader customer base," said Richard Peabody, vice president and general manager, Harris Corporation, Microwave Communications Division. "We are pleased to be able to offer our customers an ever-increasing selection of turnkey wireless products in diverse technologies, price ranges, and service offerings."

Aurora 5800 enables operation of wireless links from 1 km to over 50 km (30 mi.) without the expense and time-consumption of frequency coordination and licensing. Like the Aurora 2400, the Aurora 5800 provides complete voice, data, and video access; additionally, the Aurora 5800 offers an orderwire and a network management system (SNMP compatible) channel.

The complete indoor single rack-mounted design of each Aurora 5800 unit allows simple installation and maintenance. The compact radio can fit in a rack or on a tabletop and can be easily configured with built-in software controls and diagnostics.

The Microwave Communications Division, one of five divisions within Harris Corporation, is the largest supplier of microwave and wireless local loop systems in North America. The division delivers wireless solutions to service providers of all types, including public network operators; fixed wireless operators; transportation companies; state, local, and federal agencies; and power utilities. Its product line, the broadest in the industry, covers frequency bands up to 38 GHz for synchronous and asynchronous applications which comply with international and North American standards.

Harris Corporation (NYSE-HRS) is an international communications equipment company focused on providing product, system, and service solutions that take its customers to the next level. The company provides a wide range of products and services for commercial and government communications markets such as wireless, broadcast, government, and network support. The company has sales and service facilities in nearly 90 countries.

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