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Harris Corporation Introduces Multiband/Multimission Radio

TAMPA, FL, May 26, 1999 – Harris Corporation has introduced theworld’s most fully featured multiband/multimission radio that integrates thecapabilities of several distinct radios into one. This lightweight radio system offerssoldiers in the field a compact communications solution without compromising security orperformance.

Launched at the USSOC (United States Special Operations Command) Show, the HarrisAN/PRC-117F is effectively three radios in one, providing low-band very high frequency(VHF) for combat net radio, high-band VHF for public safety and ground to air and ultrahigh frequency (UHF) for military ground to air and satellite communications. Continuouson-the-air coverage from 30 MHz to 512 MHz is provided to allow full use of the frequencyspectrum The AN/PRC-117F is currently in production and shipping.

Harris’ multiband/multimission radio provides secure ground-to-ground,ground-to-air and satellite communications (SATCOM) and is available in vehicular, basestation, and manpack configurations. The radio is interoperable with legacy encryptionsystems and acts as a gateway between otherwise incompatible radios. For instance, singlechannel ground and airbound radio (SINCGARS) to HAVEQUICK bridging can be accomplishedutilizing encrypted retransmission.

"The AN/PRC-117F is the only multiband, multimission radio that provides SINCGARS,HAVEQUICK, and SATCOM interoperability in a single manpack," says Richard Rzepkowski,vice president, Strategic Radio Business Unit, Harris Corporation. "The new platformincorporates a number of significant capabilities and the digital architecture ensuresupgradability into the future."

This latest product builds on the concepts and capabilities of Harris’ firstgeneration multiband radio, the AN/PRC-117D(V)2. The advanced internal features added tothe AN/PRC-117F include: HAVEQUICK electronic counter-counter measures (ECCM); demandassigned multiple (DAMA); standard user interfaces; high-speed SATCOM and high-speed lineof sight (LOS) data; and removable keypad with crypto ignition key (CIK).

The AN/PRC-117F provides over-the-air re-keying and over-the-air transfer for improvedsecurity, along with FACINATOR communications security interoperability, SATCOMretransmission, multiband scan, and black key management. The system is fullyre-programmable from the front panel and contains processing capabilities on both sides ofthe TEMPEST boundary, which separates encrypted data from unencrypted data.

Harris RF Communications Division is a leading supplier of defense, air traffic, andsecure law enforcement communications to military and government organizations worldwide.

Harris Corporation (NYSE-HRS) is an international communications equipment companyfocused on providing product, system, and service solutions that take its customers to thenext level. The company provides a wide range of products and services for commercial andgovernment communications markets such as wireless, broadcast, government, and networksupport. The company has sales and service facilities in nearly 90 countries.

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