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Harris Corporation's Pyramid Series Test System Refines Local Loop Testing for DSL Service Providers

CAMARILLO, California, May 18, 2000 - Harris Corporation today announced details of a new line of test system hardware components called the Pyramid Series™, which represent a set of physical architecture and feature enhancements that simplify and speed up local loop test system deployment.

The Harris Pyramid Series™ includes remote test heads and local loop access hardware which are used with the Test Access Controller and Test Access Express test management software components to enable service providers to prequalify, provision and manage high-bandwidth DSL, ISDN and voice services over copper local loops. The new products represent an intelligent evolution of Harris Corporation's already successful test system products and incorporate additional testing capabilities and a new architecture, providing an improved platform for next-generation integrated service providers. In addition, the new product family addresses the full range of data and voice testing needs, and are designed to help competitive and incumbent service providers deal with their limited central office rack space and the need for easy to install equipment.

The first product of the series to be released is the Pyramid 2000 Remote Test Unit (RTU), which will combine the features of current Harris RTUs with the DSL line prequalification capabilities of the Wideband Test Pack (WTP) in a single rack-mounted unit. The Pyramid 2000 RTU will be demonstrated at SuperComm in Atlanta, June 5-8 and will be available in July.

The next RTU in the Pyramid Series™, the Pyramid 2500 RTU, will also be displayed at SuperComm. In addition to including the Pyramid 2000 RTU's ability to prequalify and troubleshoot DSL lines by detecting and locating bridged taps, measuring noise and crosstalk at frequencies up to 2.5 MHz, the Pyramid 2500 RTU will also include an ISDN DSL (IDSL) loopback test capability. This is an important feature required to facilitate troubleshooting of IDSL services by isolating failures to specific sections of a DSL circuit. The Pyramid 2500 RTU will be available in August.

"The Pyramid Series™ of RTUs and loop access devices represent another evolutionary step in our product development process", said Alan Lowell, product manager for Test Systems at Harris Corporation. "The first big paradigm shift was to move from voice-only testing to "mostly-data" services testing. Our latest step focuses on enhancing the physical architecture to help service providers make more efficient use of limited space and ease installation."

The Pyramid Series™ also includes loop access devices to provide metallic test access where it is not provided by DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs). The first of these, the Pyramid 250 Access, incorporates new features specifically requested by major CLEC customers. These features include the capability to provide access to 250 lines for a single RTU and a convenient system of connectors that allow installers to create their own custom cables depending on their particular line equipment and facility configuration. The Pyramid 250 Access will be displayed at SuperComm next month.

The Harris Pyramid Series™ Test System components are provided by Harris' Communications Products Division (CPD), which delivers solutions to public and private communications service providers around the world. CPD solutions focus on the needs of operations, maintenance, and installation professionals in deregulated markets worldwide, by providing next level line test and network management systems, as well as test sets and tools.

Harris Corporation is an international communications equipment company focused on providing product, system, and service solutions that take its customers to the next level. The company provides a wide range of products and services for commercial and government communications markets such as wireless, broadcast, government, and network support. The company has sales and service facilities in nearly 90 countries.

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