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Harris Logos

We have provided logos in 2 and 3-color versions (in EPS and TIF format) for use as follows:

  • 2-color: Black and PMS 186 for Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, for 2- or 5-color printing.
  • 3-color: Black, 100 Magenta and 100 Yellow, for 4-color printing.
Please review this guide on the appropriate use of Harris logos: Proper Display and Use of the Harris Identity Brand

Registered Harris Logo

2-color version:
Harris_wR_2color.eps (266KB)
Harris_wR_2color.tif (53KB)
3-color version:
Harris_wR_100M100Y.eps (172KB)
Harris_wR_100M100Y.tif (53KB)

Registered Harris Combination Logo

2-color version:
Combo_wR_2color.eps (314KB)
Combo_wR_2color.tif (77KB)
3-color version:
Combo_wR_100M100Y.eps (313KB)
Combo_wR_100M100Y.tif (75KB)
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