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Global Inclusion

Message from CEO William Brown

CEO William Brown

At Harris, our commitment to building, maintaining and expanding a globally inclusive culture is central to our organization's ongoing success.

We realize that creative solutions and success come from working together and supporting each other to achieve our goals. This collaboration extends across all areas of our global business, throughout the entire Harris organization.

We further recognize that bringing a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the table generates the best innovation. By leveraging our individual creative bandwidth, ingenuity, and differences, we will continue to enable, deliver and drive high performance at Harris.

As a Harris Core Value, Global Inclusion not only touches all aspects of our talented employees' careers – from hiring, to performance, to development. Global Inclusion also directly impacts our business capabilities – from research and development, to enabling technologies, to patent leadership, and more. It is the inherent quality that drives our innovation, as well as our performance, to continually see the bigger picture from rich and diverse perspectives and reach higher standards.

The strength of our Global Inclusion strategy allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we do business. I am personally committed to seeing that Harris continues to align and incorporate Global Inclusion strategies into the way we operate on a daily basis. I see the importance of inclusion in paving the way for sustainable growth in a global economy.

It's an exciting time as we continuously fine-tune our diverse and inclusive environment, making Harris a place where we all can do our best work – and remain a leader in a highly competitive landscape.

What is Global Inclusion?

At Harris, Global Inclusion is an integral part of our thoughts, words and actions, and firmly embedded in all that we do.

Global Inclusion is a Core Value that guides our employees' behaviors through best–in–class change management processes and strategies. It demonstrates our commitment to including the strongest collection of ideas, perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles in our workforce to contribute to and leverage our decision–making capabilities.

Creating a work environment founded on respect and inclusion affords everyone the opportunity to do their best work. Global Inclusion demonstrates what we value and how we operate our businesses.

Why Global Inclusion is So Important?

With effective Global Inclusion, we are more innovative in providing for and supporting our customer needs and satisfying our own development internally.

We're advancing inclusion in our global workforce every day. Our goal is to continuously "create an environment where we all can do our best work." We do this by encouraging drivers and agents of organizational change and efficacy, and keeping management accountable.

We have also cultivated a workplace climate of genuine respect, equity of opportunity, superior morale, and high performance by inspiring multicultural teamwork and collaboration, and cross–cultural communication across our global work communities.

All of this empowers us – allowing us to collectively do our best to contribute to our success. Careers Contact Us Investors Privacy Policy Terms of Use