Corporate Responsibility

Global Inclusion

Embracing Inclusion

Message from Coleen Focacci,
Senior Manager, Global Inclusion

To help us embrace and continually move our inclusion beliefs forward, Harris is fully committed to strengthening our relationships with the communities we work and live in. We do this by supporting our employees' active participation in many ways including local outreach projects, technology exchange programs, and charity events.

We also understand the importance of developing and implementing inclusion training and programs. As we invest in our employees' ongoing inclusion education, we help to further our awareness and enhance our capacity to embrace inclusion in the workplace as well as the marketplace.

Harris also believes in offering flexible work arrangements and nurturing the success of our employees by encouraging and supporting higher educational and career advancement opportunities. This too, is how we create a diverse, inclusive environment.


Harris' special outreach efforts include:

Participating in and hosting minority student job fairs or other minority–focused job events including: RPI–NSBE/SHPE Fall Career Fair, GA Tech Society of Black Engineers Annual Career Fair, Virginia Tech Career Fair sponsored by the Council for the Advancement of Minority Engineering Organizations (CAMEO), University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez.

Sponsoring student association events: Purdue-Sponsor for NSBE/SWE mock interviews, TSU-NSBE, University of Michigan-NSBE, University of Maryland-Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering networking reception and banquet, NC State support ECE dept in promoting participation of women/minorities in the field of engineering.

Our employees' participation on career panels at schools across the country: UF, UCF, Purdue, NC State, GA Tech, TSU, and RIT.

Outreach to leadership of student organizations: UF, UCF, NC State, GA Tech, University of Michigan, TSU, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, University of Maryland, Ohio State University, Auburn.

Providing scholarships or intern/fellowships for students as well as providing internships/co-ops to students.

Providing international students OPT (optional practical training)/work visas within our commercial businesses.

Establishing pre-college and pipeline programs: Expanding Your Horizons–UCF, MITE-TSU.

Creating partner programs with associations: WE@ RIT; PSU-Women in Engineering; University of Michigan-gEECS; UF-Step Up, Benton Engineering Council, SWE; UCF-Minority Engineering Programs and SWE; GA Tech-Women of COC, Women of ECE, GTSBE; NC State-SHPE, SWE; University of Maryland, Baltimore County-Center for Women and Information Technology Scholars Program.

Attending conferences including: SWE Regional Conferences, Grace Hopper, NSBE Regional, CMU Technical Opportunities Conference sponsored by SWE, and Women in Leadership, Linkage Diversity Summit.

Seeking employee referrals from our Harris employees.

Nurturing Success

For Global Inclusion to freely exist and flourish it takes more than simply saying, "We support Global Inclusion." It requires action. Harris continually seeks out new ways to make Global Inclusion a reality for all of our employees. Through our Core Values, specialized training and programs, and by recognizing an individual employee's needs to find a better balance between their work life and personal life.

Because we believe a work/life balance is important, Harris provides paid time off in the form of vacation, flexible holidays and sick leave/personal business. We also have 9/80 workweeks, 4/10 workweeks, summer hours, full-time and part-time hours, reduced workweeks, and job sharing and telework options based on a balanced consideration of employee and business needs.

Harris also encourages and supports the ongoing education of employees through our many Functional Rotational Development Programs as well as our offering of tuition assistance.

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